Quote of the day (23-Mar-2020)

Sacrifice is essential for attaining stability, peace and for living liberation. Sacrifice selfishness. Sacrifice ego. Sacrifice greed. Sacrifice everything that binds you and restricts you. Sacrifice everything consciously that makes you a slave to it.

This is a real sacrifice. Glory belongs to this.


Essential Sacrifices

Quote of the day (14-Mar-2020)

I am NOT asking you to come to ME. I am asking you to come to YOU. Do not be confused with perceptions, opinions and philosophies of the world. Everything is about YOU. Everything is for YOU. No true master has a need for followers. Since he has found himself, he is only suggesting to you to get back home and find yourself instead of searching for yourself in words, philosophies and the world of images outside of you. By changing shirts your inner situation will not change. By changing religions you do not gain anything. By coming back to yourself, you will gain a lot. You will gain harmony, peace, stability and fulfillment. Most importantly, you will gain yourself.


On Let’s talk truth

Quote of the day (07-Jan-2020)

A true companion is someone who is around you when you need him, but will never limit your freedom or free will.

A true friend is one who is stable, will never leave your hand in any situation, and loves you without any expectations.

A true guru is one who always keeps his followers free and unbound.

In all relationships, the bottom line is FREEDOM.


On Born Free, Live Freedom

Quote of the day (06-Nov-2019)

Live your life based on your own truth, as you experienced it. Many of us live lies and believe that is the truth. Many even avoid situations fearing the truth. Good experiences get discarded as illusions when we disown our own reality. These are the people who get manipulated by others’ words and seeming experiences. When you live your own truth moment to moment, you are stable, irrespective of fluctuations – the rises and falls of life.


On the importance of living own truth