Quote of the day (02-Feb-2020)

The secret is in stillness. That is the state of the soul. While the body, mind, intellect and ego experience the moving world, the soul remains still within, totally unaffected. That is the true state, the state of highest Samadhi, the eternal state of Shiva. The state of Immortality.


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Quote of the day (30-Apr-2019)

How many Avatars! Time gave birth to many celestial beings, heavenly bodies, Avatars. They had nothing to do with earth, they wanted nothing from earth, instead spread love, kindness, compassion and highest possibilities of human existence, taking human form, asking nothing. Earth became a better place because they walked the earth. They brought the precious, priceless light of awareness and left it here for those who may care for it and asked nothing in return. They lit many lamps with the flame they brought. While the whole world got busy chasing temporary pleasures, they remained the epitome of unruffled peace of incarnations without any desires from here and the hereafter. How many great masters! Those who recognize them are blessed. Those who get their glances of grace get elevated to higher awareness, the perpetual awareness of consciousness and beyond. It takes keen eyes to identify an Avatar. It needs the stillness of mind free from desires to recognize them and connect with them. Great masters look like nothing. They look insignificant. They remain more ordinary than an ordinary man. Once connected deeply, liberation takes place spontaneously.

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Quote of the day (06-Apr-2019)

Tests are inevitable in terrestrial life as well as spiritual life. Tests could get deeper and tougher when we have to rise to higher classes and states. The toughest ones are to test the eligibility for entering higher states.
In spiritual journey, the external world gives a series of tests while the seeker tries to settle down in the internal world. As we get closer and closer to internal settlement, silence or stillness of mind, more tests in the form of terrestrial lures, destruction of notions and concepts, disappointments and pains take place. If everything that creates an effect inside is considered as another inevitable test to enter the state of Shiva, it will be another positive step in the right direction. If external steps continue to inflict wounds inside, if we tend to suffer every shift in life, we are failing in our tests. This is a very subtle point. This should be understood very clearly to establish oneself in the state of stillness, state of Shiva.

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