Quote of the day (14-Apr-2020)

That which occupies your mind more than usual time is a trap. It could be a person, a situation, an emotion, a notion, a location, a concept, an opinion or even an experience. The mind should always remain free and empty. Unnecessary occupation is unnatural for the mind. Freedom from thoughts is the natural state of a free mind. A trap is something that takes this freedom away.


On Invisible Traps

Quote of the day (25-Dec-2019)

Discipline in the chosen practice is as important as acceptance of inclinations while walking the path of liberation. Consistency and concentration are true blessings too, for transcendence to higher awareness. Forgetfulness, absent-mindedness and lethargy are its hindrances. We eventually become what we are focused on. When thoughts subside and mind gets freed through sincere integration into the consciousness of guru and through the disciplined practice of awareness, everyone becomes a master.


On True Freedom

Quote of the day (04-Dec-2019)

Seeing all masters and traditions in your own master is extremely important and even the most important determining factor for awakening awareness or actualization of oneself. When the mind wanders and seeks from many masters, the mind is just being in an escapist mode. It is cunningly and comfortably avoiding concentration, contemplation, and meditation with total faith and single-minded focus. Many masters cannot give more and more to anyone because we have our individual capacity and receptivity. Your master is all masters. He or she can give you every guidance and grace that you need provided you are with him or her with unshakable, zero doubts, consistency and conviction. Beware of your mind which cunningly enjoys various teachings just to avoid actual progress which would culminate in its own death, the death of mind because of lack of food (thoughts). This is why the tradition said one master, one tradition and consistency in given practices with conviction. Grace will flow and miles you go.


On Faking Spirituality

Quote of the day (23-July-2019)

What you think is very important. Your thoughts determine your future. What you talk to yourself is your destiny. What you talk inside are commands to the inner universe which the outer universe reciprocates. Watch your thoughts. Be aware. Thoughts are horoscopes. Destiny is created there too.


On Mind your Thoughts

Quote of the day (30-May-2019)

The people who made this are long gone. Thousands came and saw henceforth. Nobody carried anything. It remains as a silent witness to the seasons, time, people and the effect it creates in minds of people. It stays. We come and go. It stays on, creating various effects in various minds. It has no ownership over minds and the effects. It stays as a witness without experience as the human consciousness that stays without expectations and ownership.


Machu Picchu Thoughts

Quote of the day (29-May-2019)

Thousands of thoughts in each mind every day. All of them connected to the inherent nature and stored memories of the individual. Some remain as thought, some evolve into action. Apart from this, the unconscious, compulsive actions triggered by environment and tendencies. Think about it. There is nothing to be proud about. We are just a slave of our memories. Think more. Understand. Watch. Witness. Let everything come and go. Let everything happen and dissolve. This world existed well before us and will exist after us. We have this world and its materials when we are awake and we don’t have it for our usage when we are asleep. Understand that as well. This is one of the ways for spontaneous detachment leading to liberation from the cycle of birth and death.


Talks on Liberation