Quote of the day (11-Feb-2020)

The longevity of appreciation is usually until the next criticism. We should never be proud of appreciation nor depressed because of criticism as both are temporary. So is respect and contempt as well as success and failure. All are different flavors of life. They come and go with time.


On Absolute Wisdom

Quote of the day (28-Jan-2020)

Time waits for none. The times we loved unconditionally are the best moments and the times we hated are the worst. Love makes life worthwhile. Hatred makes it miserable. Love and hate are our choices. Wise always choose only love, letting go of adverse moments and forgiving themselves and others for the time, space and experience that they did not agree with.

Death is inevitable. Wise men die peacefully after living a life filled with moments of love, letting go of bad memories through immense acceptance and forgiveness. Regrets and hatreds of life usually make the last moments painful. Never hate anything or anybody. Instead, love unconditionally. Respect oneself and others.

Choose Peace Always.


On A Good Life and Death

Quote of the day (27-Nov-2019)

When expectations increase, relationships die. Likewise, when a man becomes concepts and ideologies, he becomes an island.

A concept-ridden closed mind is a self-created prison. Like a caged bird that eventually gets used to its cage and loses all spontaneity to handle life in free nature, if set free, man believes in his comfort zone prison and even believes that he is safe and hence pretty fine there. Freedom lies imprisoned forever there. Such men do “exist” but never “live”. This is roughly the nature of most modern men who all are individual islands. They like you if you endorse their views and dislike or disown you if you have different views. When minds are not open for truth, the dim light of ignorance is their only reality that makes one believe that prison is safer from the open world of unpredictability.


On Signs of Times

Quote of the day (19-Nov-2019)

Some truths can be recognized and understood only when we go into that frequency that they represent. We may not understand and experience certain things because we may not be in that frequency as yet. It does not mean that those frequencies do not exist. When we engage in those frequencies at some point in time in our life, those truths that remained alien to us for a while suddenly reveal themselves to us. We will then understand that some of our past notions were incorrect. Hence, do not judge, criticize or slander anyone who speaks his own truth. He may have shifted into a frequency that is still alien to you. It doesn’t take much time. It takes only a moment when the call for truth is real from within.


On Alien Frequencies