Quote of the day (15-May-2020)

People may insult, judge, criticize, cheat or betray us. It may make us dejected and depressed too. That time, remember, our real world is our inside world. Just like we find refuge and shelter when rains and storms beat the earth, we can save ourselves from injustice by staying safe within, by meditating, connecting to our inner core, our true self which is only unconditional love.

On Safer Inner World

Quote of the day (30-Jan-2020)

Great masters will be devoid of ego. The ego dies when the self is realized.

Automatically, me and mine, likes and dislikes, right and wrong, ownerships and doership, rights and possessiveness, enmity towards people and resistance to happenings, discrimination using any criteria will dissolve forever. Only compassion, kindness, selflessness, unconditional love and innocence will remain.


On State of True Masters

Quote of the day (28-Jan-2020)

Time waits for none. The times we loved unconditionally are the best moments and the times we hated are the worst. Love makes life worthwhile. Hatred makes it miserable. Love and hate are our choices. Wise always choose only love, letting go of adverse moments and forgiving themselves and others for the time, space and experience that they did not agree with.

Death is inevitable. Wise men die peacefully after living a life filled with moments of love, letting go of bad memories through immense acceptance and forgiveness. Regrets and hatreds of life usually make the last moments painful. Never hate anything or anybody. Instead, love unconditionally. Respect oneself and others.

Choose Peace Always.


On A Good Life and Death

Quote of the day (28-Dec-2019)

“Mohanji, it is effortless to connect with you. I feel free and relaxed with you which I have never experienced in my life. I feel free. How can I replicate this with all my relationships?”

Mohanji: The secret is being unconditional. When I need nothing from you, my love for you is pure and unconditional. Most relationships are conditional which chokes life. When relationships are conditional, there are usually many masks and pretensions. When it is unconditional, there is total acceptance, which means you can absolutely be as you are. This makes you relaxed and easy. When you need nothing from another, when you’re emotionally self-sufficient, you are light and free. This is our true nature. When we are natural, we are effortless.


On Living Unconditional

Quote of the day (11-Dec-2019)

Never be upset when someone hates you for what you spontaneously are. Remember, not everyone knows how to give or receive love, nor everyone is used to sharing love. But we should always express our ultimate best, our heart, our highest unconditional love. Love can change the world for the better.


On Love All

Quote of the day (08-Dec-2019)

Wider reach, impact and presence in the world usually correspond to the wider expansion of consciousness of the person. Wider acceptance of a limited mind is not possible unless its medium of operation is through fear. The operating platform will be unconditional love for a person of expanded consciousness. He will want nothing from the world; instead, he would give himself to the world completely.


On Finding True Masters