Quote of the day (24-May-2020)

Every atom on earth is vibrating. There are these gentle vibrations that collectively sound as AUM. The whole created universe has this sound. This constant vibration of atoms is the dance of Shiva. The rhythm generated out of the vibration of the universe is His body, the body of sound. These combined is the ecstasy of existence.

The texture of Shiva

Quote of the day (11-May-2020)

The universe is self-created, self-maintained and self-dissolved. From pure ether the universe manifests. On pure ether the universe sustains like bubbles on water, and into pure ether they dissolve. This pure ether is the pure Consciousness, the intelligent, unmanifested energy that has no beginning or end. Water remains eternally. The bubbles formed out of water do not. Spiritual journey simply means being in pursuit of this understanding, this realization, this experience that we are essentially not the bubble, but the ocean that sustains it while it is.

On spiritual journey 

Quote of the day (31-Dec-2019)

Total loss is total gain.

When “me” and “mine” are totally lost, we become everything.

When whatever we identify with is lost, we become everything.

When you and I have no separation, we become complete love.

When we totally lose our limitedness, we become the universe.

When light appears, darkness loses itself into the light.

When wisdom dawns, ignorance loses itself.

When I lost myself, I became everyone.


On True Spirituality

Quote of the day (16-Dec-2019)

Non-manifested universe – Bright. Light. Pure Energy.

Manifested Universe – Pure Energy conglomerated into the tangible matter with boundaries and dimensions.

When the manifested universe materialized out of the non-manifested universe, the non-manifested universe remained without changes. When sounds come out of silence, silence remains the same. When waves come out of the ocean, the ocean remains the same.


On unchanging truths

Quote of the day (04-Oct-2019)

As a child, we were part of the whole universe, one with it. We were not disconnected. Adulthood conditioned us, branded us based on clothes and qualifications. Adulthood restricted us to man-made norms and laws. We are all children, craving to be free from within, pushing against the boundaries that have enveloped us and bound us. Fear is a common armor of adulthood. Every human knows deep within that real freedom lies within, but is afraid to return to their childhood to get it. This should be the immediate quest of adulthood – to be FREE.


Freedom Lies Within