Quote of the day (25-May-2020)

There are many saints in the world. There have always been. But the world fails to see them because it looks for those who live in a particular way, as connected to God. Sainthood is an attitude. Sainthood means living detachment without suppression as the core of existence. Sainthood means selflessness. Sainthood also means existing for the sake of others while accepting, respecting what you have, without asking or expecting more. Sainthood is our ability to give what we have, unconditionally. There lived such saints like Bob Marley, Bruce Lee and Nikola Tesla amongst us. Because they were not associated with a church or typical divine work, we don’t see them as saints.

About Bob Marley

Quote of the day (10-Apr-2020)

We are a world in our own right. Every person is a world by himself. Every crowd is a specimen of our world. Collectively, me, you and the crowd are the world. We are the world. When we understand that, we will never feel separated from the world. We will never be away from our freedom.


We are the world

Quote of the day (02-Apr-2020)

Lack of awareness of the difference between spirituality and religion is the cause of most confusions in the world. Spirituality means finding the truth within oneself which brings forth mastery over mind-matter. Religions are road maps to oneself and the God within. Spirituality is an individual’s journey to himself.


On religions and spirituality